HYDE Leather Weight Lifting Belt - Brown

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Hyde Belt

The Hyde Leather Powerlifting Belt by Steel Sweat provides stronger, longer lasting support with a single prong steel buckle design for quick, easy adjustments.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed To Last You Longer: Vegetable tanned brown leather with industrial strength stitching.
  • Won’t Rust Or Fall Apart: Single prong roller buckle and screw-in rivets made from stainless steel.
  • Genuine Leather:  Crafted from genuine cow leather for premium comfort and support.
  • Bare Skin Comfort: Real cow hide leather weight lifting belt made with a suede lining for comfort.
  • Weight Lifting Federation Approved: 4’’ high and 10 mm thick for HE-MAN lifting power

Check our fitness belt sizing chart in the pictures to see how to measure your waist to get the perfect fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm in between sizes, what size should I get?

Steel Sweat leather belts are designed to be worn tight, the more secure the belt, the more support and stabilization it provides. If you’re in between sizes and plan to stay the same size or shred, we recommend that you go with the smaller of the two sizes. But if you plan on bulking, we advise that you go a size up. Reason being, with the bigger size you can always hole punch extra holes to make smaller, but you can’t go bigger with a smaller belt. Always check our sizing guide before ordering, even if you have ordered a belt from us before, to ensure you get the right fit every time.

How should I care my belt to keep it conditioned and supple?

We’re very keen to ensure your brand new Steel Sweat leather belt continues to look and feel great so here are a few care tips to help you keep your gear in top condition. As you wear your belt, it will develop scuffs and scratches as part of every day use - this just adds to the grain character of your leather belt. Apply a good quality leather conditioner to nourish and protect your leather, lay it out flat and let it dry naturally after application. Never submerge your leather belt in water or leave it out to dry in sunlight. For stain or dirt removal, we recommend using a specifically designed leather cleaner, which you can easily find in department or shoes repair stores – and of course, with whatever product you choose to use to clean with, please don’t forget to read the instructions carefully.

This is the second time I have bought this belt, why does it look slightly different to my first one?

Our belts are hand made using the finest craftsmanship and materials available. Minor variations in surface texture and shading are unique characteristics of leather dying, and are not considered flaws. Thickness and color tone may vary from belt to belt due to the grain properties of the leather. This means each one of our belts will have its own unique characteristic.

What can I do to speed up my belt's break-in time?

Like other leather products, belts can be stiff before they have been worn a few times. Breaking it in naturally through normal wear is the most effective solution. Wear the belt as often as possible. The leather will become more flexible the more times the belt is worn through your body heat, and the belt will begin to form fit to the curves of your body. Never submerge leather in water or leave it out to dry in sunlight, as this will damage the natural fibers of the leather. If your belt becomes damp, lay it out flat and let it dry naturally. Apply a good quality leather conditioner to nourish and protect your leather, let your belt dry flat naturally.

What happens if a rivet needs to be tightened over time or if I accidental lose a rivet?

Our Steel Sweat Leather belt is made with premium quality stainless steel screw-in rivets. The great thing about screw-in rivets is that you can easily tighten them with a flat head screw if they become loose. Plus a screw-in rivet can be conveniently replaced if the need arises by visiting any home depot or general hardware store. I recommend taking in the belt with you to ensure you get the right size.