Sponsorship & Ambassador Application

Our Steel Sweat Sponsorship/Ambassador program is an exclusive membership to the utmost elite athletes and social influencers who are leaders in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting active and healthy lifestyles.

We are looking for brand ambassadors and sponsorship athletes who are socially and physically active in their fitness community and want to represent the Steel Sweat brand on a consistent basis. We choose individuals based on enthusiasm and engagement with their community both locally and virtually; but most importantly how you impact the competitive athlete world. Your social influence and social media presence play a key role in our final consideration for Sponsorship or being an Ambassador.

Steel Sweat ambassadors and sponsored athletes are not just men and women who look good standing next to our products. Our brand ambassadors and sponsored athletes are consistently focused individuals who actively share their goals, demonstrate their passion for fitness and lead a motivating and healthy lifestyle that inspires others through their can-do attitude and positive energy using social media and educational platforms to give tips, demonstrate products, and contribute their fitness experience on their online platforms and blogs.


There are many benefits to being a Steel Sweat brand ambassador or sponsored athlete, below are just some of the highlights:

  1. Free gear including pre-released apparel before everyone else.
  2. Your videos and images endorsing Steel Sweat products may be used to promote and increase your audience through exposure on our social media, online and local platforms.
  3. Invitation to write inspiring content for our website and/or social media channels to be viewed and shared by a wide audience.
  4. Opportunity to model for Steel Sweat, be featured on our social media, and participate in numerous other exciting projects.
  5. VIP access to exclusive discounts and special offer codes to share with your friends, family, community and across social media channels and online platforms.
  6. Bragging rights.
  7. There may also be additional earning potential for you… This is where your large and engaged social media presence and community reach comes in handy!!



Every so often we open up Steel Sweat Sponsorship/Ambassador Applications. If you want to be considered for one of these exciting opportunities, please complete the form below and we'll consider your application when a position becomes available.

We receive a lot of sponsorship and ambassador applications and we take the time to review all of them carefully. If we find you have the potential for being apart of this great opportunity, we will get in touch with you. Thanks for your interest in Steel Sweat, we look forward to receiving your application!