18" Wrist Wraps

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Steel Sweat Wrist Wraps provide additional wrist support anytime you need it. These affordable but durable wraps are made from a cotton, elastic, and polyester blend that absorbs excess moisture and won’t irritate your skin.

Features & Benefits

  • Won’t Come Undone: 5’’x2’’ Velcro zone for a better fit and stronger hold during your workouts.
  • Won’t Fall Apart: Super strong stitching for reliable wrist wraps that won’t let you down.
  • Better Tension Control: Durable thumb loops for easy winding and superior comfort.
  • Stronger To Last Longer: 18’’x3’’ with 30% stronger cotton and elastic to really support your wrists.
  • 50% Stronger Cotton and Elastic: 18’’x3’’ for extra support during heavy lifts.