HART Workout Gloves

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Hart by Steel Sweat are the ultimate women's gloves where style meets function, contoured for comfort and crafted from lightweight flexible material to move with you so you can dominate every workout.

Features & Benefits

  • Finger Expansion Seams: Fingerless design with expansion seams for flexibility and comfort.
  • Ventilation holes: Ventilation on the back of hand for optimal airflow to reduce sweat buildup.
  • Padded Palms:  Anatomically designed padded palms for protection from friction and grip fatigue.
  • Double Stitched: Double stitched for longer lasting protection and endurance.
  • Soft Terry Cloth Thumb: Integrated soft terry cloth thumb to wipe your brow so sweat doesn’t get into your eyes.
  • Easy To Get On & Off: Pull tabs on fingers and thumbs, along with a wrist pull tab.
  • 100% Washable: Can be gentle machine washed because no one likes stinky gloves!

Check our fitness glove sizing chart in the pictures to see how to measure your hand to get the perfect fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these gloves stop me from getting blisters?

Moisture and friction is a great combination for a blister, that's where our Hart Gloves come in. Our gloves are designed to help reduce friction on your hands while enabling airflow to keep your hands dry.

What size should I get?

Our gloves are designed to be worn snug like a glove should. You don’t want your gloves to be too loose since loose gloves will just rub your skin more. And, you don’t want your glove to be too tight either. You want your gloves to fit like, well, like a glove - snug! So make sure you check our sizing guide before ordering your Hart Gloves to get the right fit for your hands.

Can I wash these gloves?

Hart gloves are 100% washable - you can even gentle machine wash them on a delicate cycle. Use a mild soap to lather them up and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Lay the gloves on a towel and use another towel to pat them down to remove as much water without ringing the gloves. Leave to air dry by either laying them flat and allow to fully dry before use. Do not leave in direct sunlight or tumble dry.