SCARR Leather Gloves

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Why you'll love SCARR workout gloves...

  1. Back of hand is made from real leather for a premium look and feel, and added durability and comfort 
  2. Palm features Powa™ comfort pads, protecting your palms from the stresses of active training and maintaining a strong feel on the bar 
  3. Half finger length increases contact with grip surface and gives you more control during your lifts 
  4. Pull tabs on thumb, first and third fingers for easy removal of gloves post work out 
  5. Double stitching enhances durability so you get more value for your money because your gloves last longer 
  6. Adjustable wrist closure for a more custom fit and to keep your gloves in place during work out 
  7. CoolWeave™ technology on the back of the hand and in between fingers enhances ventilation, comfort, glove performance for a superior fit
WHAT SIZE DO I GET? Check our gloves sizing chart in the photos to get the right size for your hand before ordering.


If you don’t like stiff training gloves, these gloves can be hand washed. DO NOT machine wash or tumble dry. Use a mild soap like hand soap to lather them up and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Lay the gloves on a towel and use another towel to pad them down to remove as much water without ringing the gloves. Air dry by either laying them flat or hanging them up. Always allow gloves to fully dry before use. DO NOT leave in direct sunlight, UV rays can damage the gloves. Wash as often as you want.

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