SENSHI Boxing Gloves

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The Steel Sweat Senshi Boxing Gloves provide multi-layered foam protection around the fist and knuckles, using our XR structure to absorb the impact force of punches, to help protect your knuckles. These punching gloves don't require breaking-in so you can start training sooner and are designed to be used as boxing training gloves, kickboxing gloves, heavy bag gloves and sparring. 

Features & Benefits

  • More Power Less Injuries: 5 padded protective sections on the outer glove align the wrist with the hand to enable improved punching power and help avoid wrist injuries.
  • Wick Away Moisture: Quickly remove sweat by using the absorbent material covering the thumb and the top of the wrist.
  • Perfect Fit and Feel:  Anatomically designed with a palm grip and an attached thumb to avoid thumb injury.
  • Thumb Protection: Attached thumb to avoid thumb injury when sparring.
  • Quick and Easy Adjustments: Large and powerful hook and loop wrist closure allowing you to easily put on and remove your boxing gloves.
  • Airflow and Moisture Control: Breathable holes in the palm and thumb to help expel heat, moisture and reduce odor.
  • Odor Resistant Lining: Anti-odor resistant lining because no one likes stinky boxing gloves!

Check our fitness glove sizing chart in the pictures to see how to measure your hand to get the perfect fit for you.