Knee Support Brace

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Why'll you love the Steel Sweat Knee Brace?

  1. The soft neoprene fabric retains your body heat, to sooth through warmth and help relieve from pain.
  2. Smooth seams with fully-trimmed edges allow for durability and comfort to avoid chaffing and irritation.
  3. Superior Knee support for running, walking, basketball, volleyball, powerlifting or other sports where knee support would help knee joint pain, knee injury or Knee Sprain.
  4. Flexible coil springs for extra hold but will not impact your movement so you can still enjoy your daily activities. 
  5. Super Lightweight, easy to use and works with either your left or right knee. One size fits men and women with knees between 12 inches and 19 inches.
  6. Provides compression, stabilizes the knee, improves joint function while decreasing anti-inflammatory medicines and knee pain symptoms. 
  7. Works better than a Knee Sleeve or Knee Sleeve Brace as you control the support by adjusting the knee support straps. 
  8. Steel Sweat specializes in only using premium quality and odour free materials for all our products. 

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